Pod save america REDESIGN


Pod Save America is a twice a-week podcast is serving up the ever frequent political news. As to how serious the politics are these days there is still a balance of humor. This podcast is hosted by three Obama administration members and their goal is clear, to make sure everyone can here the news of the audacious current administration and know how it effects Americans. Because of the seriousness of the news with the passion of the hosts is where I root my new redesign. 
Beginning with the classic red white and blue color scheme it goes straight hand in hand with the stars and stripes to explain the major patriotism component of the show. The iconography of Lady Liberty, explains the freedom to stand up and help contribute. In the other options I included a fire extinguisher that becomes a mascot of sorts. I think this choice portrays the job of clearing the flames of political news lies and bias and creating a level playing field for everyone to clearly hear the daily news. Lastly the font choice I went with describes the playful humor of the cast. This tech/video game visual is thought of from the podcast theme song.